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Hello there! This second episode is really good. The notes give more story and have better atmosphere and sounds. Really good game!

I did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it!

Muy parecido al primer episodio pero mejorando algún susto. La idea de las notas ha sido interesante para hacerlo mas aterrador. Buen trabajo!

Great advancement, the first one was a tad more atmospheric, but that probably stems from the added Story, and more concise beats. I do hate "shaking head evil creatures", because it gets me out of the Game, just having glimpses of them would be better and would add to your atmosphere.

The shadow disappearing or relying more on soundeffects works great for your environment. Good Job again!

Good Job


Why is there an error with the rar...

I want play the game but its not possible

Hi! I just added a Zip version :) 

Thank you so much now its worked :)

This was even spookier than the last one! Terrific!


Really cool short game! Can't wait to play the next episode.


Good game

thanks for this game !

Really awesome that we now have context to why we are stuck in the Forgotten Tunnels! I really enjoyed the effects and the scares. The creature design was so cool! The ending was also such a sight to see. The perfect cliff hanger! I am glad I could play these all in succession, because I would have been so sad to wait for the last installment. Great work as always!

So cool, love the graphic

These Games are absolutely terrifying.   I love it!

Fantastic game great jumpscares awesome graphics, 11/10..

I played both episode 1 & 2 and found them to be quite fun :) The atmosphere was creepy enough that the slightest sound would scare me lol. I would recommend these games to any one looking for a spook horror experience. Here is little video I put together for everyone episode 2 starts at 4:45.  I hope you enjoy enough to support my channel and subscribe :P

Thank you

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Here is my playthrough!  Loved your game!  Looking forward to playing episode 3 soon!  I really enjoy how you kept me intrigued with the notes throughout the tunnels.  Lots of well timed jump scares!

Gameplay BR.
 Esta surgindo um universo interessante desses Forgotten Tunnels, jogo bom, só foi menos "aterrorizante" que o jogo passado, espero que o 3 continue a historia e seja bom.

Bad game... I did not find mayonnaise  )));  

Add in the next patch pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee  (>﹏<)  



Great second Episode!  Third one will be coming!  

hey man I really liked the second game the atmosphere is better this time, it's the story that made me very interested to know more about

keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

The best of the three. Fantastic atmosphere that isn't over the top and a killer jumpscare I actually was startled by.

I played Forgotten Tunnels 1, 2 , and 3 ! All very creepy and had my tripping about what's going to happen around every corner!  Had me nervous! All three videos here: 

Incredible game with an intriguing concept, terrifying environment, and absolutely horrifying atmosphere. Thanks for another frightening experience and I hope you keep up the phenomenal work.

The game is so comfortable and good.

Played all three of these games, and I can see a clear continual rise in quality with each one.



Thank you for Playing  :) 


Even better than episode 1.

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Forgotten Tunnels 1 and 2 (@12:07)


Good Game.

Thank you for playing :)


Damn that was awesome! Much improvement from the first in the series! It gave me a heart attack a few times :D Can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you very much for the experience, here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Thank you for playing. I enjoyed watching you play :)


Gave it a go...


Great atmospheric horror with very high-quality sound! I would like to play in the sequel!

The first episode was pretty creepy, but I like how you added story and more scares in this one. I look forward to seeing what Episode 3 has in store. Great game LostBullet!


Had to leave you a compliment in my video! Solid game :)


This game carries on from the first one and there have been some great improvements to lighting,effects and all round aesthetics including great detailing added to the caverns and the tunnels themselves..

 The story deepens as you progress further and further into the darkened tunnels and there are a good few creepy happenings taking place too.

The game itself is enjoyable to play and quite an interesting experience , i hope there will be some more episodes which help uncover the mystery further.


Another amazing Indie Horror by Lost Bullet and the Team.



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