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Great evolution. This part was incredible. I feel i was playing a Silent Hill game!

I did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it

Good Job
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Quite the evolution, Part 3 and we have fully embraced the Silent Hill aesthetic.

No Storytelling through notes is better, i'm more confused about the facility and would have relied more on your previous "tunnel" aesthetic to make it more of your own. But it's hard not to fall into a "Backrooms" type Game or something like that. Some parts were a bit tedious, fetching Keys and going all the way around because of arbitrarily blocked Paths. 

Maybe going into the direction that the Player(s) just gets lost in these Tunnels with things lurking in the dark would've been enough instead of going full on nightmare mode.  Maybe focusing on the dread about exploring a new place and losing your way, or what the facility is researching there (albeit hinted at).

But other than that it's really enjoyable, i like how you can see that your abilities are evolving and new stuff gets added to the Gameplay like the Sigils or the Bossfight and Storytelling. Great Work!

hi i have a problem i can't extract it's corupted

Which file are you downloading? the "rar " or the "zip"?

the 2 files

You only need the zip one.  Doesnt seem to be anything wrong with it

OK sorry certainly it's my pc i retry later



i have the same problem like with the second episode.

Is it possible that you can upload the zip data?

Done :)

thank you :)

This was a great ending to the story, 10/10

Thaank forrrr thisss game.... @@ i hope you will develop PART 4 !

The last installment of this series was a load of fun! I enjoyed the puzzles and the entities in the game. One thing about the game is the lighting, some of the segments were very dark. Other than that the game was very enjoyable. I loved the boss at the end as well. One of my favorite itch series yet :,)

LOVED IT!  SO CREATIVE!  The level designs were totally badass!  5 stars!

Game keeps crashing for me at the steam vent part, can't get past it either. Loved the first two episodes, thanks for the awesome work.

Amazing Indie Horror Game! We had a lot of fun! Keeps it up!

Tried out Forgotten Tunnels EP 3!

Il gio o mi crash sempre nello stesso punto all'inizio del secondo livello..qualche aiuto.??



【ForgottenTunnels-Episode 3 被遺忘的隧道(章節3)】短篇恐怖遊戲說是廢棄隧道,事情沒那麼簡單,這隧道還隱藏了什麼秘密?上)



Episode 3...The final part in My series of Forgotten Tunnels

Отличный хоррор,но фонарик можно не много поярче сделать


Some other guy posting your Game i think, seems very suspect.


I'm  going to report it right now.  Thank you very much.

Daniel you did it again! Perhaps my favorite in the series. I am personally happy you decided to head the Silent Hill inspired route for the last game. It was truly a treat from visuals to sound design. I am so impressed with this series. Big fan for life~

I played Forgotten Tunnels 1, 2 , and 3 ! All very creepy and had my tripping about what's going to happen around every corner!  Had me nervous! All three videos here: 

Another fun exploration game with minor challenges and well placed spooks. I enjoyed playing!


Turned to a longplay because of the keys XD

For me, the scares have been turned down. The introduction of monsters? Maybe?

1 & 2 though liked it very much. Great Job :)

Thank you for playing :) 


Went through all 3 in a row. Honestly I prefer the style of the first 2. The last one had pacing issues with the key hunting and valve turning sequences. One thing I will say is the visuals were often very striking. Thanks for making them.

Thank you :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for playing :)


Scared me a few times. The tunnels always manage to jumpscare me. This one felt like silent hill I enjoyed it. 

Thank you for playing :)

let me know if you ever need voice acting done.


Good game, keep up the good work.


Thank you for playing 😀


Damn... This game was a disgusting experience. Not a lot of games get my heart beating like this did. The atmosphere was one of the most intense environments I have experienced in a very long time, despite most of the game being much like a walking simulator. The scares were few but effective, I applaud that!

The graphics were mostly amazing and the audio was well managed! I particularly enjoyed the more subtle scares, the ones where you ask yourself: "did I really just see a pair of eyes, or is my mind playing tricks on me?" I did however miss some more player mechanics, like peaking around the corner or throwing and object to distract!

There was not much story, but the scenery filled that gab and made the player focus on the environment more than a narrative, which works perfectly fine in this case. I personally would have liked to see a chase sequence, as I am very fond of those!

But all in all, a very well made game and a fun experience! Good job!



Thank you for playing and leaving some feedback  :)


Glad to see that it's finally out & god was it great & just like the 1st 2 episodes the atmosphere was GREAT. Only negatives I would give is A. the ending felt a little Anti Climatic & B. though I like the chapter system it feel unnecessary especially with how short the episode is. Regardless it was a fun hour nonetheless.


Thank you for playing and leaving your opinion :)


I'm still confused on the purpose of the lab, but still enjoyed the game. Great atmosphere, overall creepiness and jump scares.  As always I continue to look forward for more content for Lost Bullet. Thanks for creating.


I played and recorded the previous two episodes but this episode was the best


Thank you :)


WOW, this game was awesome! Every step I took, I did with a sense of, shall I say... foreboding (pardon the pun). The final scene in Chapter 3 was insane and reminded me of two great horror movies: Hostel and Jacob's Ladder. Atmosphere and sound effects were intense and the music by Fabio Guedes really set the tone. The only critique I have is a glitch I ran into in Chapter 3  - the thing that comes after you bugs out and gets stuck, so I had to start the chapter over. Other than that, everything looks and plays good. I enjoyed the first two games, but I have to say this one is my favorite - a fantastic finale to the Forgotten Tunnels saga. Bravo LostBullet, Bravo!!!

Thank you for playing Forgotten Tunnels and giving your feedback.  And yes, that scene was inspired by Jacob's Ladder ;)


The last chapter and the best one, I got really scared

Thank you for playing :)


really cool charapter, the only thing that i dont like is that there is no footsteps sound and that the monster cant hurt you if you get close to them. other than that i think its perfect, noje job.


Thank you for playing and giving some feedback :)

Show post...


Thank you for playing :)


Feel a little scary

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