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A short horror experience

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Short, Unity, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Great Job! I really like the enviroment and creepy atmosphere.

I did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it.

I'm playing through all of them right now, i enjoyed 1 already and would've loved if the end didn't even have a Jumpscare but just ended suddenly in a cliffhanger, just dark and end :D

Also question about the transition effect in the Tunnels, is it just a Triplanar Texture? Or how did you achieve this?

On to #2.

Good Job

Buen juego con ese terror psicológico! Pasillos interminables en los que no sabes que te esperas que algo salga en cualquier momento! Buen trabajo


Awesome Game! It was SHPOOKEH!!


nice games! i surely play the episode 2 and 3!

I will be playing this live tomorrow 2/6 around 630-7 PM EST.


Almost gave up, so glad I didn't! Great game! 

다운로드하는법좀 알려주세요


Cool short game ! Can't wait to play the other games too!


Really well made game, builds paranoia throughout. Can't wait to try out the other parts, Well done.

Excuse the thumbnail

Thank you for playing :D

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Loved it! Uploading my reaction to episode 2 later today.

Really well put together game, I can see why it took off. I played all 3- my opinion of the first is that it's a well structured game that deals with ambiance better than most other games I've played. You trick yourself into being scared as you delve deeper. Great work and big fan of the series :)


IT was Terrifying byond Reson


Amazing atmosphere.  Made me crap my pants.  def. gonna play the next 2 tunnel games!

Bro! This game was actually really cool man, enjoyed it alot! Thanks for the creeps


I played both episode 1 & 2 and found them to be quite fun :) The atmosphere was creepy enough that the slightest sound would scare me lol. I would recommend these games to any one looking for a spook horror experience. Here is little video I put together for everyone episode 2 starts at 4:45.  I hope you enjoy enough to support my channel and subscribe :P

Triggered my claustrophobia! It's like going down a rabbit hole except it's not rabbits... but a monster! Featured this game on my video and will definitely go for 2 and 3 soon! Awesome work!

This was my play through of the game... Developer you made a great game!  It got me pretty dang good multiple times.

This game is terrifying!


Loved this first episode! Will def be featuring the next ones also!  

Good job on this game, it's honestly such a terrifying experience; without spoiling anything the game relies heavily on atmosphere and suspense to deliver its fear and unlike a lot of games which give shock this game really gives fear.  The eerie silence broken by light dripping  sounds, walking through the tunnels with pitch black in front and behind makes this truly scary. Though short this was such an amazing horror experience and I'd honestly give it a 9/10. 

Hi everyone. I'm a novice YouTuber My name is Eli I'm from Russia and I made a video about this game. I invite you to my channel to rate this video. Thanks for your attention!

How do I actually freaking play the game I dont want to watch it 

Gameplay PT-BR

Man what a good game I was tense the whole game, very good the atmosphere is the quality, keep it up.

I played Forgotten Tunnels 1, 2 , and 3 ! All very creepy and had my tripping about what's going to happen around every corner!  Had me nervous! All three videos here: 

hey whats up familia! this was a great scary experience. i liked how there was no need to put like a million jump scares to make it scary. i like that just walking thru the corridors with nothing but a low humming bass sound in the back ground really made for a great  scary atmosphere. made you feel uneasy like at any moment something to was about to jump at you. i also feel like it had a really good build for what we got for the end. this was amazing familia keep up the good work!


Incredible experience! Well done! Keep up the good work!


A tunnel can be forgotten, but the experience I got from this game not. Nice indeed.

I have a gameplay included in this video:


Gameplay BR
Bom jogo, vou tentar gravar os seguintes também



Played all three of these games, and I can see a clear continual rise in quality with each one.

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Very good experience, I got some good scares while playing


Thank you for playing. I will check that later when I'm confy at home :) 


Forgotten Tunnels 1 and 2

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